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Answers to your questions about the book, FBA and common technical issues

Technical Issues


Where are my ebook or video files?

When you bought my eBook or video, you should have received an email with a password and login details to my FBA Library.  Now that you’ve paid, you’ll see that there are pages underneath the Books, Tech Set Up, Bonus and/or Video Training tabs.  Your files are there. Be sure to scroll all the way down the pages as your freebies and bonuses are  near the bottom of the pages.

There are no download limits, but you are restricted to you and your immediate family.

Where are the bonuses/freebies that came with my eBook or video?

They are on the same page as the book files or videos – just keep scrolling down and you’ll see them.

I bought the eBook, do I also get the softcover version of the book?

No. The eBook is sold directly from me whereas the softcover book is sold by Amazon.com. If you bought the eBook by mistake, let me know.

I bought the book on Amazon.com, can I still get the bonus files/freebies you offer with the eBook?

No. The bonuses are an incentive to buy the eBook directly from me rather than the softcover on Amazon.com.

How do I access the FBA Library?

If you have bought my eBook or video, you should have received an email with log in instructions. You need to use that password to login the first time. You can change your password later. If you are a reader of my blog and want to access the free materials I have for my customers, you can click HERE to sign up for free access. You will receive an email with your password, etc.

My password to the FBA Library isn’t working…

If you cut and paste your password, it is easy to include an extra space by accident.  My Mom and I discovered this the hard way.  If you type in your password manually or cut and paste it again and it still doesn’t work, click the link to re-set your password.  A new one will be sent to you right away.

I can get into the FBA Library but I can’t access the book/video files I paid for…

This is most often a cache/cookie problem.  If you are in FireFox, go to the “History” tab at the top of the browser screen and choose “Clear Recent History.”  Select your cache and cookies to clear.  Next, go back to your login screen and enter the FBA Library.  You should now see the book or video files for which you paid.  If you are using Chrome or IE, look for the setting that allows you to clear your cache/cookies.  It should be similar to FireFox.

Clear Cache 2

Can I get your book in a Kindle/Nook/PDF version?

Yes! All eBook purchases now include Kindle, Nook and PDF versions of the latest revised version of my book.

How do I get the book on to my Kindle?

I have included the latest instructions on the same page as the file.

I never got my eBook or Video

You should have received an email with your login information and access to my FBA Library. Your files are there. Sometimes this email gets trapped in people’s spam filter.  Occasionally the problem is that there is a typo/mistake in the email address you gave me.

A quick workaround that works if I have your correct email is to go to: https://stepbystep.customerhub.net and type in your email address.  Then click on the link to re-set your password.  You should receive a new password quickly and be able to get into the FBA Library. If that doesn’t work, send me an email with your correct email address: support@onlinesalesstepbystep.com.

A less common reason you didn’t get your email was you paid with an e-check rather than a credit/debit card. In the case of an electronic check, the transaction won’t “fund” until the money is received from your bank – usually 3-5 business days. Once I get the funds, the email with your login information goes automatically. If you used an e-check, but would like to get your books sooner, let me know. I’ll cancel your current order and you can re-purchase using a credit or debit card.

The files won’t download/open

Each browser (FireFox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) has its own way of handling downloads. There is usually a default folder for downloads. Often, you are given an option of where to save a file. If your file is not opening when you click on it, check your default download folder. You may be able to right-click on the link and choose “save file as” or “save page as” and then tell your system where you want to save the file. If you are not sure, you can save to your desktop and then move the file later.

My screen looks different from the book when signing up for ScanPower and/or Amazon Pro Seller

Technology is constantly changing.  If you login to the FBA Library and look under the “Tech Set Up” tab you will see pages with the most current instructions and screenshots for ScanPower, Amazon, Dymo and more.

I bought the first edition of your book, where do I find my updates?

Your updates are inside the FBA Library and currently include: 1) a page-by-page link update you can download for the broken links; and 2) completely updated Tech Set Ups for your ScanPower, Dymo, Scanfob, etc., under the “Tech Set Up” tab in the Library.  I will continue to keep these updated for you online so they stay current.

I bought the first edition of your eBook and want to access it again but my links aren’t working.

I’ve moved everyone over to my FBA Library for updates and the latest Tech Set Ups which is why your links aren’t working. You should have the book files downloaded on your computer either in your Downloads folder or a folder you chose while saving the file originally. If that is not the case, send me an email and I’ll re-send you the original file. Click HERE to go to the FBA Library and fill in your email and password.  If you don’t remember your password, you can click on the link to re-set it. If that doesn’t work, send me an email at: support@onlinesalesstepbystep.com.

I’m having trouble with ScanPower/ScanPower Mobile

If you have questions about ScanPower’s List program or ScanPower Mobile, please contact Scan Power directly through their tech support help desk (https://help.scanpower.com/support/home) and they’ll get back with you quickly, or you can call during business hours (East Coast Time) at: 855-322-7693855-322-7693. There is a lot of information on both products at:  www.scanpower.com. In addition, you may find that others have asked your question before on the FBA Forum: http://bitly.com/fbaforum.

In addition, you should have received an email from ScanPower when you signed up with links to videos, walk-thrus, etc., to get you started using the product(s) right away.

Lastly, here are some links to get you started:

  1. Contact ScanPower tech support:  https://help.scanpower.com/support/home. They are quick to get back by email
  2. Read my recent blog about the new ScanPower. It includes a link to a Step-by-Step that I created to help you with your settings: www.onlinesalesstepbystep.com/scanpower-step-by-step
  3. If you just want the Step-by-Step, log in to the FBA Library and open the page with all my Step-by-Steps
  4. If you bought my eBook, you have access to the most current tech set-ups for ScanPower, Serial IO’s Scanfob and the Dymo printer in the FBA Library
  5. If you bought my Shop Retail – Sell on Amazon.com! video, you have access to my tech set-ups for ScanPower Mobile and Scanfob in the FBA Library.
  6. Review ScanPower’s videos: http://www.scanpower.com/support/video-tutorials/
  7. Look at ScanPower’s directions online for signing up for ScanPower and Amazon’s FBA program: http://www.scanpower.com/support/listing-repricing/
  8. If you are having trouble setting up your Dymo printer with ScanPower, see instructions here: http://www.scanpower.com/support/printer-setup

How can I save $41.39 on my Scanfob 2005 Bluetooth scanner for my smartphone?

Serialio.com has a special discount for my readers on its Scanfob 2005 bundled with a protective silicon case.  This is the wireless scanner I use with my smartphone to quickly input barcode data into my scouting program.

  1. To buy your Scanfob 2005, click: Serialio Scanfob™ 2005 PLUS Silicon Caste – Special Coupon. You MUST buy from this page.
  2. Buy as normal. Be sure to add the silicon case to your order.  The link to the case is on the same page as the Scanfob 2005. You will see it costs $9.99.
  3. During the check-out process, you will see the box for coupons. Cut and paste this code into the box: FBAPOW~BundSM-586a22cd7b and click on “Redeem.” It won’t work if you don’t redeem it. Simply hitting “enter” or “return is not good enough. You must click “Redeem.”
  4. At that point, your discount will be applied and you’ll see the price change. Your cost – not including shipping and tax (for California residents only) is $282.60. **Please note: Serial IO reserves the right to change its prices. Your coupon will still work, but the amount of savings may vary depending on the actual price of the product on the day you buy it.

Normally $323.99 ($314.00 ScanFob + $9.99 protective silicon case), you save $41.39!

Is Scanfob 2005 available in the UK or Canada?

Yes! Serialio ships international and works with your Android phone in the UK and Canada. Follow the directions above to get your Scanfob and discount. You will pay more in shipping, of course. Typical express mail to the UK with insurance is $38-$40. UPS is roughly double. You can choose the best option for you during check-out.

What kind of phone/device do I need to use Scan Power Mobile?

Any Android-based smartphone that is running the latest version of Android will work (currently 4.4 but please check for the latest version of Android when you buy). In addition, you can run ScanPower Mobile on your iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and higher.

I can’t get my ScanFob to connect with my Smartphone

The tech support guys at Serialio are terrific and will walk you all the way through set up if you get stuck. First, you may want to check out this information from their website:

Tel: (805) 964 8883(805) 964 8883
Technical Support: support@serialio.com

I live in the UK – how can I get your blog on my Kindle?

The Amazon Kindle link on this blog won’t work for you because it takes you to the US store and you have to order from the UK store. If you search blogs on the Amazon.co.uk site in the “business and investing category,” you will find my blog FBA Step by Step. Or, simply follow this link: http://amzn.to/FBAblogUK.

I’m having trouble shipping my first box to Amazon

Review this document on “Your First Box to Amazon” that I wrote. If your answer isn’t there, check out these resources:

  • Amazon.com’s seller support – absolutely fantastic people. I call them whenever I need help. You can find them under the “Help” link at the upper right-hand side of every page in SellerCentral. You have email and phone options. They are very responsive.
  • FBA Forum – see the link on the “Helpful blogs and websites” page on this blog. Someone has probably had your question before. After you are accepted into the group, you can do a search by key words to find out.
  • FBA Radio – twice a week you can join the chat room live and ask your burning questions. See the link on the “Helpful blogs and websites” page on this blog.

Questions About FBA and other topics


Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee on your book and video?

Absolutely! I want you to get value from my book. If you buy the eBook or  online streaming video package and don’t learn anything new, I will refund your cost up to 30 days after purchase. Send me an email with your request at: support@onlinesalesstepbystep.com. You will need to delete all files from your hard drive. If you bought the paperback book or the physical DVD from Amazon, you can arrange a return and refund at this link: http://amzn.to/returnsprocess.

Are ScanPower and ScanPower Mobile available in the UK?

Yes!  Sign up here for Scan Power’s UK version. It is £39.95 per month. If you also get Scan Power Mobile, it is a total of £59.95 per month.

Once you are signed up, send an email to Scan Power (info@scanpower.com) and tell them that you signed up through me and would like a free month of FBA ScanListUK. They’ll reverse the charges for your first month.

In the UK, Scan Power Mobile works on Android phones (only). You can download it from the Android App Store on your phone (or Amazon’s Android App Store). Scan Power Mobile is smart and knows where in the world it is. It works the same way as in the U.S.

Is Scanfob available in the UK?

Yes! Serialio ships international. Follow the links and coupon directions given under the technical FAQs (above) to get your Scanfob and to save $41.39!

Do you have a UK or Candian version of your book?

Not yet. I’m planning to have additional support for UK and Canadian FBA sellers at some point, but nothing is ready to talk about yet.

Does Amazon offer its FBA program in Canada?

Yes!! Amazon has launched Canada’s FBA program recently and you can get in on the ground floor so to speak. Go to Canada FBA to learn more.

I’m an FBA Seller. Where can I find more information about restrictions and rules around FBA?

If you printed your contract with Amazon.com, a lot of the information is there.  You can find it by logging in to your SellerCentral and then clicking on “help” in the upper right-hand corner. There is a link for “Policies and Agreements” in the “shortcuts” box on the upper right-hand side of the page. This is what you agreed to when you signed up with Amazon’s FBA program so it is good to know what is in there.

In addition, Amazon provides an FBA manual through SellerCentral.  Login and go to “help” at the upper right-hand corner of every page.  Under “help” look for the FBA manual and the “Getting Started Guide.” Both are very helpful for new sellers.

I am already using ScanPower or InventoryLab, can I still get a free month?

The offer of a free month is for new customers only. Both companies offer free trials of varying lengths to all their customers.  When you signed up, you received a free trial at that time. If you are using one service and want to try the other, you will get the free month trial since you are a new customer to that company.

Do I have to use ScanPower or InventoryLab to be successful selling on Amazon?

No.  What you DO need is a tool to make listing and scouting more efficient and with the best possible data. When I wrote this book, it was to explain what I was doing/using to be successful on Amazon.  I talked about ScanPower because I know it best. There are other solutions out there and many of the other players have adopted ScanPower’s features which makes for a highly competitive landscape of robust products. If you want to check out other options for yourself, I’ve written a blog post about the tools with links: www.onlinesalesstepbystep.com/fba-seller-tools for you to start your research. I also published a blog comparing InventoryLab and ScanPower specifically: http://onlinesalesstepbystep.com/inventorylab.

I have a FBA question that is not about the tools

Amazon.com has terrific support for its sellers. These folks are top in their class when it comes to customer service.

  • Amazon.com’s  seller support –You can find them under the “Help” link at the upper right-hand side of every page in SellerCentral. You have email and phone options. They are very responsive.
  • FBA Forum – see the link on the “Helpful blogs and websites” page on this blog. Someone has probably had your question before. After you are accepted into the group, you can do a search by key words to find out
  • FBA Radio – twice a week you can join the chat room live and ask your burning questions. See the link on the “Helpful blogs and websites” page of this blog

Do you offer consulting/coaching on Amazon FBA?

Yes.  I offer private consultations at a rate of $150 per hour and we can use the hour however you like. Generally I consult over phone and/or Skype or Join.me. For those who buy my eBook from me, I take $25 off the first hour. In addition, I have occasional live scouting classes in the Dallas, Texas area for $150 for two hours.

Have a question that’s not answered here? Post your question in the comments below and I’ll give my answer on the blog!

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